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Hi there!
Welcome to our website. We are Job & Dayenne from Activedayjob. Our name started in 2019 when we moved to Malta for 6 months, during our Erasmus exchange. During our free time in Malta we started doing at least one activity everyday. That’s when we started our Instagram and our travel blog. We like to explore new countries in an active way like SUP-boarding, longboarding, hiking or snorkeling. Now, 2,5 years later we still like to be active as much as possible.

We both studied Digital Arts here in our exchange program at the University of Malta and discovered snorkeling and diving on this beautiful island. After this adventure, we went back to the Netherlands but soon we realized we wanted to go abroad again. After our Bachelor’s in Communication studies, we searched for jobs in countries we both liked in Europe. And thats how we ended up in Lucca, Italy! 

In the middle of the corona lockdown, the 1st of January 2021, we moved to Italy. Because we already had planned this, we just went for it. In the beginning it was hard sometimes with all the restrictions, but we could always go into nature. Tuscany is perfect for that, and now looking back we didn’t mind this because we discovered a lot of beautiful places that are not touristy at all. First we lived in the center of Lucca for 5 months. Lucca is beautiful and we’ve never lived in a place this nice and clean. After that we lived in the countryside for 2 more months, which was beautiful with a view over the mountains. After some hard months, we really started to love Italy. The beautiful country, the lovely people, the amazing architecture and of course the food. But, the Italian English-speaking job market is hard. So we decided to move!

Job found his work in Lucca, so this time Dayenne could choose where we would move. She found a job in Lisbon and we moved there. It was high season when we moved to Portugal in August of 2021, and we couldn’t find a place to live yet. So we stayed for a month in a countryside cabin in the mainland of Portugal, 1 hour from Lisbon. Because we both worked from home, this was not a problem for us. This way, we could discover how the locals would live since we were almost the only tourists. We actually really enjoyed it, but after a month we found an apartment in Lisbon! We stayed there for another 6 months and it was awesome. Portugal is such a wild country and we went to the coastline as much as we could. Learning to surf, hike to all the ‘secret’ beaches, we loved Portugal immediately. The salary however, is very bad in Portugal so after Job’s contract ended (he still worked for the company in Italy remotely), we decided it was time to move again. 

Dayenne could still work her part-time Lisbon job remotely, and Job found work in a bike shop. We could live, eat, sport and swim in the hotel. It was a perfect deal, so we moved to Mallorca, in March 2022. The first 2 months, it was very rainy. But the weather started to get better, we had 1 month left on the island but we didn’t want to leave.

So Dayenne found a new job as a photographer and Job as a electric off road biking tour and we stayed for another 4 months! Best decision we have made, since we really liked our jobs and life here. The summer was a lot of work, but also a lot of snorkeling, be in the sea, fun parties and making new friends. After this amazing season, we went back to the Netherlands to reunite again with our family and friends.

Content Creation
During our travels, we worked together as content creators and made plenty of content for brands. Mostly, we’ve made pictures and videos of outdoor brands, since the locations we living in are always amazing to make content. Next to our normal work, we love to create and explore the country through our lenses. So we started to sell our photography prints. Make sure to check them out here, or check out our portfolio in content creation! 

Job & Dayenne

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