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In the months we’ve spent on Mallorca, we’ve seen the winter, spring, the summer and a little part of autumn on the island. They were all nice, but it depends on what you would like to do most. In this blog post we will tell more about our experiences with the seasons! 


We came in the beginning of March on the island so winter was almost done, but we still had some weeks in winter. We must say, it was much colder than we expected haha. We thought that Mallorca was sunny all year around, but we’ve seen a lotttt of rain and wind in these weeks. So most of the time we’ve spent in the sauna in our hotel. On the sunny days we went hiking or explore the cities. This was perfect: when it is sunny it can be super nice. The island is calm in this period which we love, and we could explore the nature just by ourself.

If you like to hike and spent some days in a wellness winter can be great on Mallorca! But there is possibility it can rain all week long.


Spring was definitely our favorite season on Mallorca. The weather is already nice and sunny, it’s not too hot and still not so crowded. In spring we started to swim in the sea, but it could be a little cold. We mostly explored the island, been more in nature, been to local markets, used our supboards and discovered a lot of nice beaches which were still quiet! The weather was between 20 and 25 degrees and perfect to chill on the beach.

If you like these temperatures, and don’t necessarily want to be in the sea, spring is the perfect season to explore the island!


Summer on Mallorca is hot and busy. But, it’s also a whole other vibe. Everybody is outside and there is a lot going on. We had a hate/love relationship with summer haha. On one side, we thought it was way too hot, always above 30 degrees (even in the night) and it can be super crowded. There is no quiet beach to be found. On the other hand, summer was the most fun season for us. We spent all of our free time in the sea, doing fun stuff, went to parties, meeting up with a lot of people because in summer the most expats are there. The sea is calm in summer which makes it beautiful blue and it’s perfect for snorkeling which we love. Even though it was hot and crowded, we’re super happy we stayed in summer! 

If you like to be in the sea and you love hot weather, Mallorca can be a very fun season for you!


We’ve only spent a couple of weeks in Autumn on Mallorca so we don’t know how it is in the other months, but in our weeks autumn was very nice. The temperatures drops but it’s still nice outside. It rains more and is more windy, but the sea is still warm. So in autumn is still nice to snorkel and be in the sea! We liked to swim in the rain because of the warm water. Like spring and winter, autumn is also good if you like hiking and be in nature. It’s more crowded with tourists in autumn compared to spring though. 

So if you like to chill at the beach and swim in the sea, while the temperatures are not that hot, autumn is perfect! Also, sunsets in autumn are sooo pretty!


Our favorite season was spring because the temperatures were the nicest (around 25 degrees) and it’s still quiet on the island. We like to explore the mountains and beaches so that was perfect in Spring. May is the best month to visit Mallorca in our opinion. Late spring, so also warm but not too hot. Like we said before, summer was the most fun for us, so we wouldn’t miss this, but spring is definitely our favorite!

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