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In summer we mostly spent our free time in the water. It was too hot to do anything else haha, but we also loved to explore the sealife and to practice our freediving skills. Mallorca has the most crystal clear water ever in Europe, but you have to find the spots to actually see something interesting on the island. Here are our top  favourite snorkel places on Mallorca.

cala varques

It takes some time to get to this place, but it definitely worth is! You have to hike around 45 minutes through the forest to get there, and the view is amazing. What we liked about this spot is the underwater rock formations and caves. There are plenty of caves to explore which we really loved. For some you have to dive underneath some rocks to get there, so you have to be careful. The beach is also very nice to chill on, it’s more quiet because of the long hike.

Cala Sant Vicenç

Cala Sant Vicenç has the most clear water in our opinion on Mallorca to snorkel. There are 3 beaches so enough to choose from. Close to the beach is mostly sand, super clear but not a lot to see. If you swim a bit more into the sea there are also plenty of rock formation underwater and caves to snorkel through. There is not a lot of wildlife underwater on Mallorca, but in Cala Sant Vicenç we saw the most fishes, sting rays and some octopuses!

Cala Serch

Cala Serch is a small bay in the north. It doesn’t really have a beach but is a great place to snorkel. Also here, we saw a lot of fishes, underwater rockformation and a lot of Fried egg jellyfish. They can be super big, but can not sting. The place is also fun to play around in the water with a robe.

coll baix

Another perfect snorkel spot a bit hidden. The hike to this beach is also around 30-45 minutes through the mountain area here. But it’s a beautiful hike and the beach is quiet. The water can be rough sometimes here, but when the water is calm is super clear water. The colors underwater are beautiful and there are many fish to find!

Other places

These were our 4 favourite places! But we discovered many more snorkel places on the island worth a visit: 

  • Cala Victoria
  • Cala Beltran
  • Playa Alcanada
  • Betlem

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