How to get around in Mallorca

The island of Mallorca has so much to offer, it’s great to see all the sides of the island. Without a car it can be challenging to get around though. These are some options getting around on the island: 


The most obvious one is the car. You can get almost anywhere with the car and parking is mostly easy and free on the island. Car rentals can be found anywhere, also on the airport when arrival. 

Another option is to travel with a ferry from the mainland of Spain or France to Mallorca with your own car, like we did. The ferry is not that expensive and it’s super nice to have your own car here. Especially when you plan to visit the island for a longer period. 

If you plan to travel the island with a car, make sure to drive the Ma-10 route, through the mountain area. This route is amazing and you’ll find the most beautiful mountains villages on the way.


To rent a campervan or to go with your own camper on the ferry is also great on Mallorca. There are no campings on Mallorca but there is plenty of space to just park your camper and stay overnight. Mallorca is full with campers and you’ll have the most amazing views. Be aware of signs though if it’s allowed to stay there overnight. 


There are some train tracks on the island, they even go to one of the most amazing places! From Palma you can get the train to Sóller which is a beautiful city in the mountains. From there you can travel further with a small tram to Port de Sóller. This area is amazing to discover. Other places where you can travel with the train are Inca (middle of the island), Sa Pobla (small cute village) and Manacor. Which is a bigger city in the west of the island. 


Mallorca has a lot of options to go with the bus. From Palma you can go to almost every bigger city / village on the island. Sometimes it can take a while to get somewhere with the bus. But if you plan good, you can travel somewhere with the bus and catch a boat or a taxi to places where there is no bus going.  


That leads to our next option: the boat. It’s very fun to hire a boat for a day or half a day. Or to go with a tour boat and see dolphins. There are a lot of options on the island to visit places with a boat. Besides this, on some places you can travel with a boat to another place. For example: Sa Calobra. This place is one of the prettiest places on the island. But it takes a long time to get there with a bus. It’s easier to go to Port de Sóller and to catch the boat there to bring you to Sa Calobra. 


You will find taxi’s all over the island, it’s not hard to get one. But taxi’s on Mallorca are very expensive. Since last year it’s an option to take an Uber in Palma which is very nice.


Mallorca is a paradise for those who love to cycle. The roads are very good and the views are amazing. Some roads are even closed in the high season for cars so you can bike there easily (for example Cap de Formentor). Especially in the north and around Palma you’ll find a lot of shops where you rent a bike or go with a tour to bike on the island.

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